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I’ve been busy posting information about how to learn affiliate marketing and granted, there is a mountain of stuff to wade through. Fortunately, if you keep your focus and select a proven system of marketing online, you can succeed. No. It doesn’t happen overnight. If anyone tells you this, putt on the ear muffs and head out the door. :)

Can it happen fast? Depends on what your idea of "fast" is. Either way, it will require work on your part to put all the pieces together in an overall effective system. So. Where to begin? First, learn if this is what you want to do. Discover exactly this affiliate marketing business is all about.

As mentioned in my last post about online affiliate programs, it’s quite easy to become distracted and even easier to buy 10 different online marketing programs and let them collect the preverbial "dust" on your hard-drive. I’ve made this mistake myself. Don’t you do the same.

Can you find much of this information free online? Certainly. Do you have the time to do that? Maybe you do. I tried this approach and it consumed much of my time. In the end, I decided to learn from those who had gone before me. You may want to do the same. 

If you know you want to get started but aren’t sure where to begin, here are two great ideas. I only recommend programs that I have purchased and had success with, or am seeing great results in the process. Otherwise, I’m simply talking out of my as@ and no one wants to hear (or see) that!

Keep it simple: Start with JUST ONE proven way to learn affiliate marketing. Then, see it through to the end. Don’t stop half-way through. Don’t sign up for another affiliate program until you have completed the first.

Look into these. It won’t matter what niche you are interested in, one of these will work for you: and work well.

Auto Income

Commission Ritual

Also, read more on this topic by clicking this: information about ClickBank and you can get more effective internet marketing help on the main page. Next, be sure to watch the video below. Finally, here is an article from Dimpi M. that will explain in more detail what affiliate marketing is all about.

Best wishes to you.

B. L. Marlow

Internet Affiliate Marketing Program

by Dimpi Martin

What is the meaning of affiliate marketing? It is pay for performance on the level that an intended sale has been made or a CPA form which was filled out for commissions to earned. There are various types of affiliate programs on the web and big companies use affiliate marketing programs to drive more qualified traffic to their sites via affiliate marketing. These large commerce online businesses are Amazon Associate program, Google Adsense, EBay listings, Commission Junction and Clickbank. Each of those large businesses offer affiliate programs and require different marketing strategies to promote their affiliate offers. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it is free for anyone who desires to join and earn affiliate money.

Pay-for-Goals Achieved:

Affiliates usually earn their commissions once someone buys through their affiliate links or like CPA (Cost Per Action) which is also is another form of affiliate marketing except without the need to sell but rather to encourage prospect to fill out a form and get paid for each action completed, very easy to earn money this way too.

The Affiliate Marketing Industry Big Business:

Year after year on the internet, affiliates are making a full time income promoting other business products and services. Together each year, affiliates worldwide earn billions of dollars online. It is a very profitable industry for any business and ordinary people to leverage. There was an estimated report revealing that in the UK alone of 2006 affiliates earned a draw dropping two billion dollars online. You find affiliates that are single handily making millions if not more online whilst other affiliates are making less.

A Long Established Business Model:

Since the internet began the discovery of online affiliate marketing became the next hottest opportunity on the planet to make a living off the web. However, the first online affiliate program was introduced by in 1996. Though the Amazon associate program pays very little other big companies saw a new wave of marketing working with people who want to make a living promoting their products and services online by driving relevant traffic to affiliated sites.


The ease with the internet is that you can promote yourself or a business if you prefer in this discussion other people’s products and services. Online marketing can measure the intricate details of the ongoing daily activity within your affiliate website. Whereas offline businesses would struggle to keep up with accurate data to determine how well their marketing efforts are paying off.

Open to Anyone Join Affiliate Programs:

One of the many great advantages of being an affiliate, anyone can join and I mean, anyone. There is no need to know how to programme computers or have a degree in business and communications. First of all it’s free and easy to join plus simple to market because you are not selling anything. However, there is a learning curve. Strategic affiliate marketing is the back bone to winning over your competitors online with the same niche as you, so having the knowledge will give you the edge you need to succeed.

Learn Affiliate Marketing:

There are many products on the internet that teaches how to market as an affiliate of which explains in detail how to use affiliate marketing strategies to make money online on auto pilot each day. Now this may sound fantastic and it does, but not goes without saying that you need some elbow grease before you can actually see results pouring in. One of those places to find educational products are from ClickBank itself. Or if you prefer a more free way however, it can take longer to learn but its worth is as good as buying The Affiliate Code, Clickbank Blue Print or The Click Bank Code. The free way to learn affiliate marketing is hanging around internet marketing forums such as the Warrior Forum and ask to your heart’s content.

Expected Topics to Master as an Affiliate Marketer:

1. How to convert affiliate offers into cash and swamp them with super-targeted buyers.
2. How to use Google to make money within hours of starting out.
3. How to build a profitable affiliate business.
4. How to use simple techniques to build a huge list of targeted buyers in any niche you want.
5. How to pick out the "ripe fruit" from any kind of niche.
6. How to make sure that the product you picked is actually going to make you money.
7. How to enter any niche as an affiliate and become the dominant player.
8. How to use easy ways to create landing pages that get huge amounts of traffic.
9. How to use unique methods to dominate the search engines.
10. How to turn one idea into an almost endless list of product and promotion ideas


Affiliates’ marketing is a fast growing online business and anyone who wants to take a piece of the pie can profit from this industry providing you have the right information to start earning money. This billion dollar market allows ordinary people to live extraordinary lives through the internet. There is a lot of free information on the internet how to market as an affiliate but it’s not enough to merely make some money but rather to have both continuity and passive income from affiliate promotions. I will leave you with one thought if you are new to this affiliate marketing arena, Henry Ford once said " whether you think you can or can’t either way you are right".

What is your mindset?

Watch this internet marketing help video with Rosalind as she explains affiliate marketing in simple terms:


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  1. Yes that’s totally true that one of the many great advantages of being an affiliate,is anyone can join you don’t need to a programmer just to join, right?.
    Thanks for posting about this one!

  2. Jaeny says:

    Affiliate marketing is perhaps one of the best ways to earn money online. First, you don’t need to produce a service or a product of your own to sell. You just need to choose from a wide range of niches to promote. Have a good site, then build traffic and slowly but surely, income will be coming in. Indded if you want to succeed or be effective in affiliate marketing takes a lot of learning, but it will all be worth it in the end.

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