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Using ReviewAZON? Have Lines Showing Up In Your Product Posts?


If you haven’t had the chance to check out Auto Content Cash from Brian Johnson, Alex Goad and Jared Croslow…it’s certainly not too late. I’ve had a few ask me, “Are you involved in this ACC internet marketing course too?” The answer: “Yes I am!”

Now, as we go along, I’m going to post information for my fellow Auto Content Cash students – and Commission Ritual members as well as the fine folks at ReviewAZON – in the form of videos, posts, images and whatever else I can think of. After all, a little internet marketing help is something many of us can use from time to time.

This post will feature a video designed to address a Reviewazon Plugin – table border situation with the WordPress Internet Marketing Themes. Some of these themes were provided by Alex Goads Google Conquest, Blog Colony, Brian Johnson’s Commission Ritual and Auto Content Cash.

Specifically, I was working with the WP Dating Blog 1.0. However, there are several themes in the mix that this adjustment will work on. Including this theme that you are looking at right now, also known as the OnlineProfitsBlog.
By the way, here is a list I gathered of theme names that this fix will work on.

  • BodyBuildingBlog
  • CellPhoneBlog
  • FitnessBlog
  • ForexBlog
  • HealthyLivingBlog
  • MakeMoneyOnline
  • MusicBlog
  • RegistryCleanerBlog
  • StockTradingBlog
  • WarcraftBlog
  • WebHostingBlog
  • WeightLossBlog

Additionally, if you are using any of the themes provided with your Auto Content Cash system, this tip should help you remove any stray lines in your amazon review posts as well.

I really want to thank the Developer of ReviewAZON, Brad Hanson, for all of his help and patience. He was very quick in his responses and always got straight to the point. I can’t say enough good things about his integrity. :)

OK. What the hell am I talking about? Well, in a nutshell, if you have posts using the ReviewAZON Plugin and see lines and borders around your product review and you want to get rid of said lines so you have a nice clean product post…watch this video just below!

First, here is the email I received from Brad with ReviewAZON:


Re: Hi Brad – htaccess and permalink issue

Sent: Fri Mar 26, 2010 1:14 pm
From: Brad
To: bmarlow
You are welcome.

In order to fix the table issue, here is what you will need to do:

Go to your wordpress admin ->Appearances->editor

Click the Style.css file name in the bottom right corner and search for the following code:

.art-article td {
border:1px solid #C6C4A4;
You will need to change the border: 1px to border: 0px, then save and your issue will be resolved. You may want to pass this along to Brian (if this is his theme pack) so he can communicate it to his customers. You are the 3rd person I’ve help so far. :)
– Brad H.

PS: I can tell that the video quality suffered a bit when uploaded to youtube. I sound something like a dweeb from another dimensional tube. lol… Sorry about that. Here is the video, nonetheless.

Best wishes to you,

B. L. Marlow

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    19 Responses to Auto Content Cash, Reviewazon Plugin, WP Themes Help

    1. Brad Hanson says:

      Hey Brad,

      Well done on the video. I appreciate you sharing that with everyone.



      • admin says:

        My pleasure Brad and thank you for all your help!

        By the way: Anyone who is into affiliate marketing and selling physical products for commissions really should look into ReviewAZON. The product is incredible and the customer service is exceptional!

        Best wiches to you,
        B. L. Marlow

    2. jonathan says:

      just a quick one completely unrelated (sorry)

      Love the hedgehog (especially as that my nic!)

      Good vid. Helps with some of the things im doing. Makes me want to put a vid together and help others out with some of the issues im seeing.

      take care, always

      Jonathan (aka hedgehog72)

      • admin says:

        Hi Jonathan,

        Yes! That hedgehog is pretty cool. Thank you. I found him when I did my usual Firefox upgrade under Personas.

        By the way, I like your website :)

        So glad the vid was helpful.

        Best wishes to you
        B. L. Marlow

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    16. Dimpi Martin says:

      I enjoyed your post and vidoe very much I have learnt something new today thanks

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