Auto Content Cash and Deep Link Engine Now Available

Auto Content Cash with Brian Johnson, Alex Goad and Jared Croslow is launching just hours from now. The official date is March 9th, 2010.

When it comes to internet marketing help, I have been a big fan of Brian Johnson and Alex Goad for quite some time. I was introduced to their products and training materials years ago and they just keep getting better and better.

Right now, you can download for free, an incredible link-getting, traffic sucking SEO plugin for any WordPress blog from Auto Content Cash and it promises to put your blog on steroids. Sweet.

Auto Content Cash: Deep Linking Plugin: WordPress

This is something they planned on selling but you can grab it now and give it a go.

The Deep Link Engine is sure to NOT disappoint :)

Here are a few features:

A $67 value, yours free today

Automatically get backlinks to every post you make

Increase relevance and ranking power of each page with quality outbound links

Most links you get are “do follow”

Get more traffic and higher rankings by just installing it once

Automatically increase the relevant content for each post

How this works for you:

With each post, the Deep Link Engine software will take a look at your content, find 5-10 relevant keywords in your post, then locate blogs on the net that are relevant to your content. When it has found these blogs, it will let you know and you decide which blogs you want to link to.

When you link to the blogs, a ping-back will be sent, notifying the other blog owners software that you have referred to them on the website. After a while, these links and pings will help your ranking immensely.

Its push button easy and I really like that! Give the Auto Content Cash Deep Link Engine a try.

Best wishes to you,

B. L. Marlow

PS: Brian G. Johnson is one of my absolute favorite Teachers when it comes to internet marketing courses. He is clear, concise, fun and eliminates all the BS. Just step-by-step strategies and copy and paste systems that are easy to implement and follow. Auto Content Cash and his training will be exceptional.

Auto Content Cash featuring Brian G Johnson

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9 Responses to Auto Content Cash and Deep Link Engine Now Available

  1. David says:

    Auto Content Cash – Sounds interesting and definitely worth a try if nothing else…

    • admin says:

      Hi David,

      Thanks for posting here. Yes. I’m very impressed with Auto Content Cash. In fact, I’m working with it right now.

      Please let me know if you signed up too and I’ll look forward to communicating with you in the Forum. :)
      Best wishes to you,
      B. L. Marlow

  2. This product is a continuation of the series of products released by Alex Goad. i know well about this and recommend.

    • admin says:


      You are correct. Alex Goad and Brian Johnson as well as Jared Croslow and the brains behind Auto Content Cash. It is a great program and I personally have seen success with several of my launched websites.

      Thanks for your comments
      B. L. Marlow

  3. Brian Johnson and Alex Goad has finally released Auto Content Cash! Brian started out 10 years ago in affiliate marketing. He hasn’t always had success, but once he discovered the secrets of affiliate marketing, everything fell into place. I enjoyed the information. Worth to read .

  4. SEOgeek says:

    Deep Link Engine looks like a very useful software!

  5. High page rank backlinks is a best way to increase traffic to your site. I’m glad to present professional website providing free backlinks from the high page rank sites and also providing many useful services.

  6. Such a great article – I really hope there is more to come! Now, time to see what else is to read! :)

  7. Donna says:

    Please let me know if you signed up too and I’ll look forward to communicating with you in the Forum.

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