Article Marketing Strategy For Rapid Links

Using An Article Marketing Strategy That Actually Works

by B. L. Marlow

Using a well-designed article marketing strategy efficiently, when it comes to your website getting high visibility on the internet, can be hard for you in more than ways than one. These days, websites come into existence about every 5 seconds, so it’s important that your website be promoted correctly – right away.

Many who have looked at the issue of what it takes to get your website ranking well with the SE’s, say that one of the smartest things you can do is to put unique, information-rich content on your website as soon as possible. And loads of it. Additionally, the more published articles you have online, the more links pointing back to your site: Backlinks. But manual submissions one-by-one? Also, the trick will be getting your website content re-written then distributed in article form to 100’s of directories – so how can you do this?

Article submission, one at a time, to individual article directories is great but incredibly tedious work. An effective article marketing strategy, then would employ a way of automating the majority of this work for you. It’s much more efficient to look at better and easier ways of distribution and submission, though you may not know about them. Yet.

Whether you have goods and services or digital information products to sell, you want people visiting in large numbers, all to click on the intriguing hyperlinks embedded within the content or click on ads that have been strategically placed around your site. Whatever it is your selling, having to write all that content and spread it around can be a real grind.

Now, a certain article marketing system exists that can take three written articles, rewrite them in a unique way and automate the submission process such that the articles make their way around the internet quickly and consistently. Additionally, it won’t get you banned by Google!

Of course, making all this happen can seem very intimidating, and for some people it is. But there really is a service that can take your articles and turn them into hundreds, if not thousands of other unique versions and then automatically submit them for publication to the article directories. And, no more need for you to sign up for an account at all of the 100’s of directories. It’s done for you. This really seems to be the way to go. In fact, it is.

Just about any expert who understands the Internet says that the marketing of article content to hundreds of article directories is a very quick way of getting a ton of visits backlinks too. Backlinks, pointing to your site? Very good. Thousands of backlinks? Even better. So. Increase the odds of your success by engaging a time-saving article marketing strategy that creates many unique articles and then submits all of them for you.

So what’s this amazing system for article marketing strategy?  Unique Article Wizard

Best wishes to you.

B. L. Marlow

PS: I really do use the Unique Article Wizard and am a member. I invite you to join me and remember, every article that goes out in your name (or pen-name) can also embed a special link specifically for your affiliate account. Want to learn more? Give their great article service a try.

And if you are looking for someone to write your articles from scratch or re-write all that PLR material collecting dust, my friend Scott Foster can help you at

In the meantime, check out this video featuring an article / internet marketer who shows how well this works for her:

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  1. great tips. I usually submit my own at ezine and they seem to work in that way too. my writers costs around $1 USD/article, how’s that sound? 😀

    • admin says:

      Sounds great Joe,

      Are you getting your writers from the Philippines? They have some excellent writers, seo specialists and much more.
      Let me know
      Best wishes,
      B. L.

  2. @Joe: you are right outsourcing the articlemarketing is really great and cheap as well. i get my work done from phillipines!! greetings from germany :)

  3. Be realistic with your marketing strategy considering your business, goals and resources. Have practical and measurable targets and hold your business accountable to meet them.

  4. Oh wow, I never thought about hiring someone overseas to write content. Does anyone have a special site to hire your own writer besides Or do you guys use them only?

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