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B. L. Marlow (You can call me Brad)

Welcome to the Effective Internet Marketing Help.com blog. I’m very pleased you’re taking a moment of your busy life to visit.

My name is B. L. Marlow and my entire focus here is to really provide you with quality internet marketing information. Information that is actually useful.

I’ll do my best to answer your questions, post informative content and provide excellent internet marketing help through articles, videos, courses, reviews and more.

This is an ever evolving endeavor and I’m thrilled to share it with you. I have some exciting ideas that I hope will involve you in the very near future. Will let you know. Finally, please feel free post your questions anytime and I’ll do my best to answer in a timely fashion.

Until then. Perhaps you will enjoy this article and these great videos.

Google Wants To Align With You

(According To Matt Cutts)

IF you are working on Great Content. Creating A Website that engages it’s users. If your website is something people love, share socially, bookmark and talk about

THEN You are aligned with Google – No Matter What Happens with Updates

Six Keys To Effective Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Help - An Intro
Six Tips To Help You Succeed At Internet Marketing

Effective internet marketing has become increasingly profitable and when employed strategically, helps to increase your internet business.

With more and more people connected to the internet, it would be quite misguided to ignore effective online marketing tactics.

So what are some of the ways you can do this?

Following, are the six key ideas to keep in mind when looking to market a product online.

1. Good Keyword Research

It is extremely important when marketing online to have keywords that will get your website to pop up more often on search engines. If you incorporate long tail keywords you can greatly increase your chances.

Why? By honing in on the customers needs, not only will you cut out a huge chunk of generalized competition but will know you have targeted someone who is at the end of the buying decision rather than the beginning.

Long tail keywords include several phrases that target a smaller niche audience online. With these keywords you can target particular online users who want very specific items, and overall this can lead to a lot of quality traffic to your website and much lower competition with the “big dogs”.

Look for keywords that are very specific in nature. As an example, go to the free WordTracker Keyword Tool and try this:

Type in “internet marketing” (without the quotes) and click Hit Me

Notice what pops up. In this example, we see over 1,800 searches per day. That’s great but also highly competitive and not at all specific.

Keyword research: Internet Marketing

However. Take a look at this result: “internet marketing optimization” with 90 searches a day.

It’s a  long-tail keyword and it is much more about people looking for ways to optimize their sites.

Here then, is a much better choice to get more traffic and this alone is more in line with effective internet marketing.

2. Employing Web 2.0 (Social Networking)

Web 2.0 is not a real program; rather, it symbolizes a shift in internet usage toward shared knowledge, ideas, and creative endeavors. Blogs, wikis, social bookmarking and multimedia websites are all forms of social networking and are thus part of Web 2.0.

For the internet marketer, using social networking sites and blogs to target customers is a great idea, as many people are engaged in social networking.

So, in this example, would create a blog about “internet marketing optimization”. Next, load it up with lots of unique content (absolutely critical that you do this-more later) and helpful information.

Provide our own products or quality affiliate marketing products created to specifically solve this problem. We may create a Squidoo lens about the subject and we’d would also want to have Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter accounts that shares info on this subject. You get the idea.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Site Promotion

What has been discussed so far is in keeping with effective internet marketing strategy and SEO. Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing concept that focuses on trying to get your webpage or website product to appear high up on a search engine list (return results).

Basically, the higher your web site is on the search engine page, the more likely someone will be to click on your link.

Ask yourself this question: “Have I ever gone past page 2 on Google when searching for something? If you’re like me, probably not.

Another Key that needs to be mentioned here (again) is: Unique Content and Quality Links pointing to your site are absolutely crucial. Certainly SEO can involve so much more that your head will spin thinking about it. However, unique content and quality links must be at the top of the list.

WATCH THIS MATT CUTTS VIDEO: SEO Tips What Makes A Successful Website?

  1. Content (Great Unique Content)
  2. Social (Twitter, Google+, Facebook) Signals come back to us Google Trust
  3. User Experience and Engagement (So important)
  4. Links (If you nail the 1st 3 – you’ll get all the links you need)
  5. SEO (Last in the list – Content Is KING)

“In that order!” Says Matt Cutts in a presentation with Duane Forrester

Have we learned something today about Effective Internet Marketing? I believe we have.

Original, Engaging Content was KING back then – and it is still KING today!

Most people will not take the time to write a unique article and would rather copy and paste another. Whatever you do, don’t take that approach.

Have I been “guilty” of such a thing. I admit, I have… So let’s not do that anymore, ok?

At the very least, look at getting original PLR articles with good content for your website.

Google doesn’t appear to like rehashed, same ol’ same ‘ol content. True then. True now.

They want fresh content. The problem, until recently, has been the amount of time consumed writing your own articles and then submitting each one to a directory.

Problem solved. Have someone write your Unique, Niche-Specific Content For You.

4. Selling Your Own Product Or Affiliate Products

It is important to know when you should sell your own product and when you should look to selling affiliate products. The major question that you should ask yourself is whether or not you have enough of a market to sell your own product.

What does that mean? Well, let’s say you want to market “clay tea pots”. Surely someone out there is interested, right? Try the Free Wordtracker Keyword tool again and we see this:

Only one search a day.

Long tail keword research

Looking further up on the search results however, we see that “clay flower pots” has 68 a day and possibly even better, many are actually looking for “hangers for clay pots” in some form or another.

Finding better keyword search terms
So, you would then adjust your internet marketing strategy.

Focus more on clay flower pots (or hangers) and either make and sell them yourself online.

Alternatively, you can find an affiliate program for physical goods at Shareasale.com, CJ.com or Amazon.com. Sell their items for a piece of the action. There are plenty of choices and you can find the market right for you.

5. Internet Marketing To Get More Traffic

When trying to get more business on the internet, it is important to increase traffic to your website or product page. Many of the above-mentioned techniques can help increase online user traffic.

Altering keywords for increased search engine potential, utilizing desirable keywords, and advertising on social networking sites can all help.

As you may imagine, volumes of information are available on this subject alone and I promise to explore in much more detail in upcoming posts.

6. Always: Be Of Service And Help Your Customer First

When a company is helpful, it is remembered by its customers. People want to buy from an intuitive and customer-oriented company. When You are helpful, your consumers will remember You.

People want to buy from those they trust. If there is no trust, no sales will be flowing in. That is why it is good to focus your online marketing efforts toward helping your customers solve their immediate problem.

I’m reminded of Earl Nightingale and those old cassette tapes I listed to while lounging by a beautiful lake many summers ago.

He said:

“Everything in the world we want to do or get done, we must do with and through people.”

And this:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”

In my mind, for it to be worthy, we must first be honest with ourselves and others.

To conclude, I hope that you have found this article of value and that it has been helpful in at least providing some answers to a few of your burning questions.

Naturally, all effective internet marketing practices cannot be summed up in one article. That is why this website is here. I will do my best to address the many facets of this fascinating topic and provide real internet marketing help wherever possible.

Drop me a line anytime and let me know what questions you need answered. I really look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes to you :)
B. L. Marlow

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  1. Ian says:

    Quality IM articles is the main to interest the users to visit the web site. That’s what this site is providing.

  2. This is a very good primer to get started. I’ve found KW research is definitely the foundation of everything. If it’s not correct then anything else you do afterward is doomed to failure since the kw is going to either be too hard or have no actual traffic.

    • Brad L. says:

      Thank you Danny,

      Glad you found this useful.
      I have found that when you do good keyword research – you may discover 2 keywords that are nearly identical. One of them, however, has 3 times more search volume and less competition. Love it when that happens.

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